We will make national butterfly of india and where national butterfly center

importance of national butterfly of india

We will make national butterfly of india and where national butterfly center
We will make national butterfly of india and where national butterfly center


A butterfly is a creature that everyone loves.

In earlier times there were many species of butterflies.There were many types of butterflies.

But in today's world, the species of butterflies is very rare.In addition the butterfly is very rare.

Due to the decline in the species of butterflies, due to weather pollution, noise of vehicles, move of factories away from the city, etc., there was a sharp decline in the species of butterflies.

national butterfly of india is made to disseminate value information on various parts of the biology of national butterfly centers.

 Encourage their foundation to study their natural story and ecologic, gathering more population and distribution cache in national butterfly center.

The Human Capital Region (NCR) is an integrated design sector focusing on the Human Capital Region (NC Delhi) in India. 

It receives NCT from Delhi, Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan and various parts of Delhi.

 NCR Design Committee 1985.) NCR's major metros are Delhi, Ghaziabad, Faridabad, Gurgaon, Noida and Meerut.

With all this going on a National Butterfly Center was set up by the government.

The aim was to save as many butterflies as possible and prevent their extinction.

Following all these issues, National Butterfly of India formed an organization.  Named Biological Science which is doing its duty at Bangalore.

We will make national butterfly of india and where national butterfly center

 2000 people joined the campaign to determine the national butterfly.With the good cooperation of the people, this campaign was taken further.

According to a report from Ahmedabad, the National Butterfly of India launched a campaign to determine the national butterfly.

 And thousands of people joined those campaigns, and the contribution of the citizens in this campaign was huge.

 These fragile animals represent a complex part of the system and serve as an important natural tool in determining the well-being of the condition.

Butterflies are important for nature conservation and they are important biological meters that affect our environmental health.

 To bring awareness about butterfly among Indian citizens and make our national natural resources happy, we are butterfly ts enthusiasts and nature lovers across the country. 

We, as the National Butterfly Show Association, are responsible for recruiting the National Butterfly of India. 

We all already have national birds like peacocks, national animals, national flowers and national trees that we all do but we still don’t have National Butterfly Day and its date. 

Considering the ecological importance of the butterfly, the importance of conservation and the popularity of the butterfly among the general public, 

it is a very difficult time for us to propose a national butterfly. 

In a truly chosen way, we believe that ordinary citizens should maintain such borders, which may be the first time for India.

What is the national butterfly center and the list of the largest species of butterfly

Major giants in butterfly biology and conservation yards across India have achieved the following criteria for national butterfly selection on a single platform:

1. Avoid species that are already designated as state butterflies.

2. Species should not have too many forms.

3. Butterflies should not be too common.

4. The butterfly is easy to spot, see and remember.

5. The butterfly should be attractive.

6. Butterfly caterpillars should not be harmful or insects.

7. The butterfly should have a naturally attractive biological dimension that is attractive to people.

8. The butterfly should have cultural, environmental and conservation importance at the national and international levels.

Considering the above criteria, the consortium has reached the final list of about 50 butterfly species. 

Of these, all members of the consortium used the scoring system in voting to shortlist the following seven races.

 Even in such an epidemic, during the last lockdown, Professor Krishna Megh, who is on duty at the National Center for Biological Sciences in Bangalore

said that India has a national animal, a national bird, a national tree, a national flower, a national fruit.  

But if we look at the environment, there should be a butterfly in the same way.

In India, this September 2020 month is dedicated to the most beloved, grand and bright flight wonders-butterflies.

 Our country is one of the 17 megadevar countries in the world with about 1,400 species of butterflies.

 She launched a campaign with the help of environmentalists. 

 In which the total species of butterflies of India which is more than fourteen hundred, out of 400 species of India, a total of seven species of butterflies which are such have been selected as important.

 More than 2000 people of the city voted for the National Butterfly to be decided by the National Butterfly of India.

 In which many got good cooperation and response.

 Also, in an interview, nature lover Vata Priyank Thackeray said, "Ordinary citizens will decide by voting.

 The butterfly that gets more in voting will become our national butterfly by 2021.

 And a National Butterfly Center will be launched to save those butterflies.

 Butterflies are important ambassadors for nature conservation and show indicators of biological organisms.

 Demonstrates the health of the environment.  And also teaches obedience.

 To celebrate the natural treasures to bring awareness to butterflies among the citizens of India.

we will be nominated on the National Butterfly Day 2021 of India along with butterfly lovers and nature lovers across the country.

Conclusion for national butterfly of india and national butterfly center

 So friends, all I had to say was that we should show our sensitivity towards butterflies.  

As well as more and more species should be saved from extinction.  This will be our moral duty.  

The National Butterfly of India and the National Butterfly Center will work to save the two butterflies and prevent their extinction.

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