UVC light sanitizer box diy does it work to disinfect

 UVC light sanitizer box diy

UVC light sanitizer box diy does it work to disinfect
 UVC light sanitizer box diy does it work to disinfect

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 Self-employed to provide employment to the family with devices like UVC light sanitizer box etc.

 UVC sanitizer box works in large area.  Stay connected if we will learn about these devices in this blog.

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 UVC light sanitizer box diy does it work to disinfect

 The best way to prevent the current epidemic is to use a sanitizer.  Cannot be used with sanitizer in some devices. 

 As an alternative, EDI student Shri Harsh Shah created  UVC light sanitizer box does it work to disinfect , which works like a sanitizer.

 He has a device called UVC Light sanitizer box in the start up.  With the help of which nothing is better we are disease free.

  There has been a lot of collaboration from his team behind the success.

  Speaking of Ahmedabad, this device is being used in 5 star hotels and pharma companies in Ahmedabad.

 He also said that effective measures should be taken to prevent the transition.

 We developed this device in March.

 Seven teams were involved in making this device. Others also got employment of fifty families.

 Now let me tell you where and how these devices are used.

  So this device is placed in one place and the surrounding environment is disease free 

As well as this device allows you to use UVC sanitizer box in public place, airport, railway station, government offices, big housing industry and industry, private hospitals etc. 

 This has also acted as a personal dish infection device that resembles a hand-held stick.

  Rotating this device on any surface frees up 99.9% of germs in 30 seconds.

 There are also some disadvantages of UVC sanitizer box

  •  It contains sodium hypochlorite, a chemical in sanitizers that cannot be used on food utensils for children or pets.

  •  Sanitizer cannot be used on corrosive metal

  •  Excessive use of sanitizer can cause eye irritation, skin irritation etc.

  •  Clothing or important documents can be stained.

  •  Sanitizer cannot be used on devices like electric, stationery, currency notes etc.

  •  This UVC sanitizer box is capable of disinfecting anything for this purpose.

 But we need to separate our advantages and disadvantages.  So keep reading my blog to connect with me in this blog.


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